Panel Two Abstract

Panel Two, Presenter Three – In Conversation with Jeri Kelly

Jennifer Baker
M.A. Candidate – Art Education, Illinois State University

Presentation Title:
Art Education and Visual Culture: Theory Meets Practice to Address
Practical Classroom Concerns
The visual arts have had a strange and troubled past in the K-12
public education system. Regardless of research and exhaustive advocacy
the arts remain among the first areas of education to be marginalized when
budget issues arise. How have historical events and ideological shifts
affected the position of the arts within a larger educational system? How
have educators contributed and fought against their marginal status? How
can critical investigations of professional practices elevate the position of
the visual arts? Here we can begin to address these questions in order to
address future concerns for art educators.
Visual arts education can no longer allow its self to be defined by
an outdated notion of handicrafts and school decorations. If the serious
business of presetting and processing visual language no longer remains
important in the public school system, then the visual art educator must
take the content of their curriculum more seriously. There is currently a
vigorous discourse in the field between those who see a need for visual
culture education and those who believe that art education should be an
application of elements and principles. The debate needs to be broadened.
In fact, there is a need for art educators who study and apply a critical
theory model to their curriculum development and classroom practices and
who see that the confluence of opposing ideas will benefit the students and
the field of study.


About Lisa

I am an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University.
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