Panel Five Abstracts

Panel Five, Presenter Eight

Melissa J. Cook
M.F.A. Candidate Illinois State University

Presentation Title:
Writing With Paint: An Artist’s Talk
As a visual artist, “writing with images” is exactly how I view
painting. My body of work incorporates a variety of art historical images,
contemporary popular culture images, and personal narratives. Art historical
references within my work can be as specific as a figure or gesture, or as
exact as a type of paint handling that may connote a particular movement
like Abstract Expressionism or Impressionism. Other art historical references
within my work vary from color palette use, to the illusionistic quality that
paint can play in representation, to brush work, and to the scale of the work.
By writing with art historical images or tropes within the history of painting
and combining them with contemporary images, I create an interesting dialogue
where the idea of the canon and the history of representation can be
questioned. When using art historical references, one would typically assume
an explicit dialogue between a definitive artist, or a mode of representation,
or with a specific piece of art; however, I find by using a range of art historical
references and contemporary images that I am able to expand upon
present-day ideas of representation. These ideas manifest themselves within
a range of portraiture and history painting. I challenge traditional forms of
representation in order to provoke thought about the changing dimensions of
pictorial representations; how we currently view these images; and what
meaning, if any, they possess.

Panel Five, Presenter Nine

Ian T. Carey
M.F.A. Candidate, Painting, Illinois State University

Presentation Title:
The Reevaluation of the Mark: an Artist’s Talk by Ian T. Carey
I position my images within a historical genealogy that is representative
of expressionist painting. This talk engages contemporary issues that
exist within the practice of painting—the ideas presented serve as the core
of my artistic position. I will represent my images in relationship to ideas
that exist within contemporary theoretical discourse. The focus of the discussion
will be on how particular strands of imagery function within modernist
and contemporary painting, and present artists that exemplify my
ideas. The presentation will highlight painting strategies used by contemporary
figure painters based in the United Kingdom.
Next, I reconsider the function of mark making. I will present my
ideas in relation to the material application of paint, and display images
that have attempted to devalue the “expressionistic mark”. The focus will
be on Roy Lichtenstein’s painting “Brush Stroke” (1965). My work will
be positioned as a contradiction to this visual lineage, and present ideas on
how paint application can function non-linguistically, and serve as a catalyst
for the narrative potential of an image. The mark propagates thought,
as well as emotion within the individual viewer. I will present examples
that are present in my work, and focus on my latest artistic production in
order to finalize my position.


About Lisa

I am an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University.
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